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News: world server is full - 1017
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Read July 23, 2012, 10:57:58 PM #0
Guild Info - Guild wars 2 - Now inactive.

Guild Name: TRF
Server: Henge of Denvari
Location: Australia
Time zone: AU- EST (+10 GMT)
Leader: SKYeXile
Officers: Cuddlz, Helenne, Iso, Muppet.
Size: ~30

Most of us in TRF have been playing together since classic WoW with several more people joining us when we officially formed TRF for Warhammer Online,  We have played most decent MMO's since then (and some not so decent) and are regarded as one of the better Australian PvP guilds.  

Our main focus in GW2 is WvW, with a focus on small scale PvP, we're certainly by no means a large guild, we maintain a small active roster with the mindset of quality over quantity with a tight knit group of players who synergise well with each other. By comparison to most players we would be considered a hardcore guild, some of us do put in some decent playtime, but our approach to things while organized is rather casual, relatively speaking.  

We will do other things like achievement whoring PvE instances but provided the PvP is decent we will be world PvPing most of the time.

Vent and a working microphone is required. You should also be warned that our vent isn't for the soft skinned, we trash talk a lot, each other included. So expect an earful if you repeatedly say things we deem as stupid.

There should really be a whole bunch of rules here about conducting yourself in an honourable manner and don't exploit, but that's just no fun. Just don't be a full retard.

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Read July 26, 2012, 10:16:20 PM #1
Re: Guild Info

If there is an exploit, I will use it!

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