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News: Experience playing FFXIV, simply refresh.
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Read September 25, 2012, 09:35:56 AM #0
Recruitment Open

Time zone: +10 UTC
Primary Location: East Coast Australia.
Server: Blackgate
Short description: Tactically offensive hardcore WvW.
Member Target: Field 20-25 in primetime AU

Recruitment Contact: Xile(SKYexile.2716), Chrien, Mawl.

Established in 2006 TRF is a hardcore open PvP guild. We started the guild in WoW as Future Crew(Jubi’thos) but renamed ourselves TRF for WAR where we became the dominant order guild on Darklands. No game since then has deserved our full presence but for GW2 we have returned and our main focus is WvW.  

We are a small guild in comparison to most, we value having a small tight knit roster of good highly active players over sheer numbers. We wish to field 20-25 in AU primetime, for that our full roster won’t be over 50 players. We’re an offensive and tactical guild, we move fast and don’t stay in fixed locations. We overcome our enemies by superior skill, communication and by better use of positioning and terrain.

We have recently transferred off HOD to blackgate.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Currently in major need of:
Support guardians. However we will look at taking anybody of any class.

Recruit process:
Make an account on our forums and set your rank as seeker when applying.
Post an app using our template and answer the questions in full with decent sized responses.
Your app will be scrutinised by our members and officers, and further questions asked.
If we like your app and responses you will be given our vent info, guild invite and a few weeks trial.

1.   Don't do anything that is going to reflect poorly on the Guild.
2.   You must be on Ventrillo and have a working Microphone when in PvP.  
3.   Members should respect each other, however if a problem does occur with another member an officer should be contacted.
4.   You must not be a active member of any other guild in GW2.
5.   Members are expected to flexible with their specs and spec appropriately for the task at hand.

What is the main focus of the guild?
Our main focus is WvW PvP.  

How large will the guild be?
We're currently looking at having a roster of 50 players and fielding 20-25 in primetime AU.

Is this a Hardcore or Casual guild?
We’re a hardcore guild; most of our members play at least +40 hours per week, generally playing every night for a decent amount of time.

Do you have specialisation requirements?
We don’t. We expect our members to have an appropriate spec at all times and take the initiative to change specs by themselves without being asked.

What are the guild raid or PvP times?
We don’t have any set PvP times, thats for casual guilds. If you join a hardcore WvW guild, and you’re on at night, you’re expected to be in PvP. Our main activity times are from 5pm through to 12am everyday of the week. We naturally have increased activity during the day on weekends.

Does TRF plan on doing anything besides WvW?
In off time we do other things like instances, but typically if we’re not in WvW, its because we’re in queue for WvW.    
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Read November 24, 2014, 10:53:06 AM #1
Re: Recruitment Open

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Read May 15, 2015, 06:23:22 PM #2
Re: Recruitment Open

Recycled on a daily basis now
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