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News: Experience playing FFXIV, simply refresh.
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Read August 19, 2013, 10:40:38 PM #0
FFXIV Application - Dynol

What is your ingame name

Dynol Bach, lovable Lalafell who likes to create and destroy things in equal measure..

What names or aliases do you typically go by online?

Usually Dynol, sometimes Dynarth if playing a bulky char..

Tell us about yourself(age, school/job, career, location etc)

in my late 20's, artist, living in Melbourne

Who you were refereed to TRF by anybody and if you were will they vouch for you?

Mawl seemed pretty eager i apply so guessing he'll vouch for me.
I also played FFXIV 1.0 with a bunch of people here, looking forward to getting back in touch with them Smiley

What other games have you played, for how long, classes, play style, achievements etc.

Umm too many for longer than i should.. not the best at keeping track of time but ill try to list the MMO's.

FFXI for maybe 6+ years? Mained as WHM, also had max lvl BLU and SMN and a bunch other jobs lvled, BLM was around AF. Did most of the content up to and included ToAU expansion, stopped playing before next one came out. Lots of alliance raiding, boss fights, force popped NMs etc..
FFXIV for 6-8 months, stopped playing like month before they started taking subs, most people had already left by then :/
Guild Wars 2 probably not that long, but long enough to run the heck out of the dungeons, max lvl, get top level gear sets and realise their really wasnt all that much else left to do..
Rift for iunno 6 months to a year.. did a lot of dungeon crawling in that too..
Warhammer Online for 2 years, as black Orc, and shaman and zealot. did all PVE stuff, a lot of RvR, got killed by Loarr and his dwarf posse a lot..
WOW from release for a year or 2 then quit for couple years then went back to it for awhile again. I sometimes miss those 40man molten core raids.. though the newer (well theyd be quite old now) 10-20 man raids were pretty fun too..

theres been others too but didnt get into them for long enough to be worth mentioning or played them some long time ago..

So i dont really have a set role i play, Ive raided in pretty much every role at some point or other. I was an excellent healer in FFXI, and want to regain my WHM mantle in XIV, but also have some DoW jobs already leveled and i was into the crafting in v1.0 too so looking to get back into some high lvl crafting again too. Great thing about FF is that your character isnt tied to one class and role, so free to play whats needed..

why are you playing FFXIV?

FFXI is/was my favourite MMO ever. Its probably one of my all time favourite games. FFXIV 1.0 was good, but we all know it didnt work out, but this re-release have improved greatly on it, and brought it closer to XI. Everything ive seen of it so far has been positive, although i do have some concerns they may have simplified some aspects a little much, but thats just the way of games these days.. So yeah no way i wouldnt be playing Cheesy Eager to see all the changes and new things, explore new places, while at same time rediscover old friends and occupations!

Roll on next week, see you guys ingame!!

Read August 19, 2013, 11:03:07 PM #1
Re: FFXIV Application - Dynol

TL;DR. You could of just stopped at "Mawls a big fat jerk I used to play with in 1.0" and you'd of been fine.  Grin

I'm sure someone will turn up shortly to fix up your forums, after they stop thrashing around on the floor in withdrawals.

Also Sky, we need a "Did you roll a Manqo'te?" question in the app so we can we'd out the terribads...
Read August 19, 2013, 11:57:20 PM #2
Re: FFXIV Application - Dynol

Thanks for app'ing Dynol, and most definitely vouched for.

They will be as TRF through and through
Read August 20, 2013, 09:52:18 AM #3
Re: FFXIV Application - Dynol

Also Sky, we need a "Did you roll a Manqo'te?" question in the app so we can we'd out the terribads...

Its now the first question.

Read August 24, 2013, 10:15:33 AM #4
Re: FFXIV Application - Dynol

Hey Dynol good to see you again. I don't know about having a dwarf posse, it had some elves too  Grin
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